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08 mai 2014 ~ Commentaires fermés

T3 Gadget Awards 2013: HTC One beats off Apple and Samsung to win three gongs

Anyhow ladies and gentlemen, i have the second exceptional earpiece article to read, i know, you do not need to thank me each and every one, just add a social like to the piece of writing to show your appreciation. The HTC One has triumphed at tonight’s T3 Gadget Awards, picking up three awards – […]

09 mars 2014 ~ Commentaires fermés

Arena Round the World, Radios in Stadiums and Arenas

Article of the Day………ok so i don’t have an article every day, but if i get a chance I will post posts that I find fascinating. Lucky enough here’s one of these articles that I read and had to share. If you enjoy it as much as me, please add one of those special social […]

06 mars 2014 ~ Commentaires fermés

Micro Earpiece – The Most Popular Spy Device in the Market

What’s your favorite feature of the radio accessory? In my opinion, I much like the design job – It is cooler than an Inuit’s underpants! For better dealing with the situations where secret communication is essential, numerous new micro earpieces are appear in the market with its amazing features and functions. These micro devices are […]

03 mars 2014 ~ Commentaires fermés

Will I be Able to Hear Bone Conduction Headphones Even if I Wear Earplugs?

When we found this informative article we were so pleased, having looked for over a year for this, finding it on this blog was an thrilling day for me. Hi Nick, The short answer is yes, yes you can. Because bone conduction bypasses the ear entirely and directly stimulates the ossicles (which is the scientific […]

24 février 2014 ~ Commentaires fermés

MOTOTRBO Delivers Integrates GPS, Text Messaging and Voice to Cut Response Times for Tbilisi.

This website is amazing! i never thought that this would become an blog….hope everyone enjoys it Leveraging Digital Technology for Fast, Efficient Emergency Services Named the “033 service” after the country’s emergency response telephone number, Tbilisi Medical Emergency Response Service Centre operates in and around the Georgian capital. The service provides 24/7 emergency medical care […]

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